Roof Drain Systems, Skimmer and Roof Sealing Systems

Petro Energy Persian Gulf Company is a designer and manufacturer of various sealing systems and various types of rainwater drainage systems from the floating roof of tanks (roof drain) up to 8 inches in size up to 120 meters in diameter. In the design of these systems, special height specifications and connections And the environmental constraints in each tank, which vary according to the design of each tank in each project, as well as the fluid stored in the hazard zone and fire resistance in the design.
operation of the sealing system and drain is possible based on the requirements of the 650API standard in each case and in the long run. Compliance of these systems with structural deviations due to the process of roof and tank construction, no lateral deviation of the center of gravity and flawless performance and leakage during the movement of the roof, engineered arrangement of pipes and joints that allow access to minimum and maximum heights of tank operation The standard and easy installation process is one of the unique advantages of roof systems in this design and produced by the Persian Gulf Petro Energy Company, which are all the result of the company's long experience and knowledge of the requirements of operation and innovations used in the design of components and Are the details of the systems.
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