Petro Energy Persian Gulf Company is the most reputable designer and manufacturer in the region for all types of truck and rail dry loading arms. A variety of fluids and products are used in various industries from / to truck or rail tanks.
A very wide range of peripherals, connections, mechanisms for measuring the characteristics and status of operation, manual or fully automatic control of arms, mechanisms and steam recycling cycles according to the specifications and type of loading, physical and chemical properties of the fluid, the desired process cycle Etc., which may be considered along with onshore loading arms in order to complete the unloading and loading requirements, can be designed, produced and provided by Danesh Bonyan Petro Energy Persian Gulf Company.
Offering these products, which are designed and produced according to the project specifications, along with the company's extensive after-sales service, has made the Persian Gulf Petro Energy Company's dry loading arms cost-effective and the safest option to 
meet the operating requirements for unloading and loading operations. Truck and rail tankers in various industries.
لوگو پترو انرژی
صفحه اصلی درباره ما محصولات خدمات کاتالوگ استعلام قیمت ارتباط با مشتریان ارتباط با تامین کنندگان فرصت های همکاری سوابق و اخبار ارتباط با ما
تمامی حقوق مادی و معنوی این وب سایت متعلق به شرکت پترو انرژی می باشد .
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