Persian Gulf Petro Energy
Persian Gulf Petro Energy (GPE) as a knowledge based company, is the sole Iranian manufacturer and one of the world leaders of providing Storage Tanks Systems and Marine and Offshore Loading Solutions in oil and gas, petrochemicals and power industries with brilliant global reputation and innumerous domestic and international clients and customers. Global in vision and rooted in regional values, GPE is driven by a performance and quality etic pegged on value creation for its clients. GPE is anchored by an extraordinary workforce and professional employees in different levels. The state of art manufacturing facilities coupled with its extensive quality management system provides compliance of GPE products with exact customer requirements and industry standards. At the moment, GPE is an important market maker in its all operational sectors and specifically in Storage Tanks Systems business units owns more than 90 percent of Iranian domestic market. With the vast experience, comprehensive referencing, brilliant project portfolios and vendor list registrations, GPE offers distinctive customer tailor made solutions by its products and services.

Marin Loading Arm

Persian Gulf Petro Energy Company is the only Designer and manufacturer in the region for all types of Marine Loading Arms, which are used for safe, fast and safe unloading and loading of oil and petroleum products from / to tanker ships Placed.


Petro Energy Persian Gulf Company is the most reputable designer and manufacturer in the region for all types of truck and rail dry loading arms. A variety of fluids and products are used in various industries from / to truck or rail tanks.

Roof Seal & Roof Drain Systems

Petro Energy Persian Gulf Company is a designer and manufacturer of various sealing systems and various types of rainwater drainage systems from the floating roof of tanks (roof drain) up to 8 inches in size up to 120 meters in diameter.

Tank Venting Valves

Persian GPE in order to ensure the safety and correct operation of the tanks, has designed and produced various process equipment, safety and pressure and vacuum adjustment in fixed and floating roof tanks
Experienced experts in the field of production of various oil and gas equipment
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Persian Gulf Petro Energy (GPE)
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