Water monitor

Water Monitor

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Model No. 7700

 Sizes 3”or 4″

 2 No. Swivel Joint

 Fixed Type

 Manual Operating








The Persian GPE handle monitor comes with both a left/right and an up/down lock handle. To disengage lock(s), turn handle(s) counterclockwise. Move the tiller handle to direct the stream to the desired position. Turn lock handle(s) clockwise to engage lock.


Features and Benefits:

  • Corrosion resistant with brass construction;

  • Unique configuration;

  • Flow up to 1250 gpm;

  • Compact -3” or 4” 150# ANSI flange;

  • Vertical movement 90 degrees above horizontal to 45 degrees below;

  • Full, continuous 360 degree rotation;

  • Rugged, stainless steel lock hardware;

  •  Grease fittings for easy lubrication;

  •  Durable Electro Statics finish.


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