Flat Spray Nozzle

Spray Nozzle

            Flat Type (Brochure Download)

Model No.7010

Size ½ ″ to 1" NPT


The GPE tank cooling water spray nozzles are designed to produce wide angle flat spraying flows and are available in a wide range of bore sizes and materials. The 7000 series is ideally suited to the protection of storage tank shells and roofs and is widely used in process plant to protect equipment and structural members from the damaging effect of heat.

The nozzle is also particularly effective in applications where a water screen is required to isolate a risk and to prevent the spread of fire or to protect escaping personnel from radiated heat.


Features and Benefits:

Minimizing the flow rate of spray nozzle:

The minimum flow rate of each spray nozzle with any K-factor is determined with following equation:


Flow (LPM) = K-Factor ´

P =Minimum pressure = 1 BARG. (Recommended)

The range of pressure = 1 to 6 BARG.







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