Flame Arrester - End Line and In Line Type


                      Flame Arrester

                          End line and In line Type (Brochure Download)


 Model No. 3900

 Sizes 2″ through 12″

 Maximum Flow

 Less Pressure Drop

 Easy Cleaning

 Easy Maintenance

 Wide Range of Materials




GPE flame arresters are to prevent the passage of a flame from outside of a storage tank or process vessel to the inside, or of a flame between pipe work system and have applications in a wide range of industries including petroleum and petrochemical, gas, marine and sewage treatment.


Features and Benefits:

The corrugated crimped ribbon element is designed for optimum increase in heat transfer.

Crimped ribbon element arresters are made of alternating layers of thin, corrugated metal ribbons and flat metal ribbons of the same width, which are wounded together on a mandrel to form a many layered cylinder of the desired diameter.

The net free area through flame arrester bank is three to four times the unit pipe size. This design reduces surface friction, optimizes flow capacity and minimizes pressure drop. The large surface area of the bank also improves heat dissipation.

Maintenance of the bank assembly is simple and bank element is quickly inspected or cleaned, and replaced between the end housing.




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