Emergency Vent - Spring Loaded Type


     Emergency Relief Vent

      Spring Loaded Type (Brochure Download)


Model No. 3850

Sizes 16″ through 24″

Pressure settings 500 – 2000 mm W.G

Easy Installation

Spring Loaded

Wide Range of Materials



GPE emergency vents are used on fixed roof storage tanks to prevent structural damage due to excess internal pressure.

Storage tanks are pressurized when fluid is pumped in, compressing the existing vapor or when increasing temperature causes increased evaporation or expansion of existing vapor. To prevent damage, vapor must be allowed to escape or enter the tank at a specified pressure condition. The volume rate of venting depends upon the tank size, volatility of the contents, the pumping rate and the temperature. See API Standard 2000 for the procedures to determine venting requirements.

The Spring Loaded Emergency Relief Valve provides pressure relief. Emergency pressure relief provides protection for fire exposure and/or failure of the inert gas blanketing system. The valves can be set for pressure relief in the range of 500 - 2500 mm. W.G.

High operating pressures reduce evaporation and total venting volume, thereby reducing product loss and the cost of processing emissions.

All valves must be carefully maintained by a qualified valve technician. They should only be assembled under clean conditions, preferably in a service shop environment. Carefully read and understand this manual before attempting to repair a Emergency Pressure Relief Valve.


Feature And Benefits:

Fast Inspection, Easy Maintenance. Design and light weight of unit permit easy, convenient handling for inspection and maintenance.

Full open flow capacity and automatic reclosing of the vent as tank pressure decreases provide efficient and dependable emergency venting capability while minimizing amount of vapor unnecessarily vented to the atmosphere.




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