Emergency Vent - Weight Loaded Type

Emergency Vent

Weight Loaded Type (Brochure Download)


Model No. 3800

Sizes 10″ through 24″

Wide Varity of Set Pressure

Easy Installation

Easy Maintenance

Wide Range of Materials



The Emergency Relief Vent is used for the relief of excess–pressure as emergency breathing of cone roof tanks. Emergency breathing maybe necessary incase of failure of the existing normal pressure valves or when the capacity of the latter is no longer sufficient due to an extremely high heat inlet e.g. in the event of fire in neighboring tanks. relieves Emergency flow due to excessive venting requirement from a fire burning around a storage tank.

When positioned on the flanged seat, the Emergency Vent provides an effective Vapor-tight seal. Under emergency fire conditions, the cover can pivot open on its hinge and provide required relief, preventing damage to the tank due to excessive internal pressure. When tank pressure is reduced, the cover automatically recloses. The hinged design allows the use of a level principle counterweight. The design allows convenient access through the manhole opening for tank inspection and maintenance.

Design Standard.

Design and manufacturing of GPE emergency relief vent are in accordance with API 2000, ISO 28300, NFPA 30 and OSHA 1910.106 & API 650.


Feature and Benefits:

Fast Inspection, Easy Maintenance. Design and lightness of unit permit easy, convenient handling for inspection and maintenance. Opening of hinged cover allows access to tank through the seat area.

Higher Pressure Settings. The hinged design and lever arm loading capabilities allow for higher pressure settings than are available on other vendors product dead weight loaded vents of similar size. Full open flow capacity and self reclosing of the vent as tank pressure decreases provide efficient and dependable emergency venting capability while minimizing amount of vapor unnecessarily vented to the atmosphere.

Maintaining Accurate Pressure Settings. Set points are accurate to within +/- 3% across the entire range of available pressure relief settings shown in the chart. Set point accuracy is assured by stringent machining, assembly and test procedures in GPE manufactories.

Diaphragm Seating. A flexible diaphragm affords a tight seal between the pallet and the corrosion resistant seat below set pressure. This also assures low leakage. The diaphragm is intended for normal ambient temperature storage.

Low-Leak Covers. Leakage on vent covers is not more than 1 SCFH at 90% of the set pressure.

Available Sizes. Available in 10" (DN 250) through 24" (DN 600) sizes. Flanged to mate with standard flanged 150# ANSI, API (20" or 24" only) or DIN PN 16 bolting specifications. Other drilling patterns are also available upon special request.





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