Gauge Hatch



              Gauge Hatch (Brochure Download)

Model No. 3600

Sizes 4″ through 8″

Minimum Vapor Loss


Easy Lock Cover

Foot Operated

Wide Range of Materials



The GPE gauge hatches have been designed to provide secure, vapor-tight, non-sparking access ports storage tank dipping and obtaining samples function.


Features and Benefits:

Designed to minimize vapor losses from low pressure tanks .hinged cover is self- closing and foot operated.

Acts as a vent should tank pressure rise above 2” (50mm) WG -(±15%).

The base with gauging notch incorporates a self draining seat. Availability in different flange sizes provides flexible design options for range of standard tank roof flange.

The aluminum cover is secured to the base with a stainless steel hinge pin.

The O-ring seal is fitted into the cover to provide tight closure and to cushion the effects of repeated Operation.

The cover of the gauge hatch is slotted to acceptance the eye bolt and hand nut used for clamping the cover.

The units can accommodate service temperatures -30°C to + 90°C.




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