Pressure & Vacuum Breather Valve - Spring Loaded Type

Pressure and Vacuum Breather Valve

         Spring Loaded Type (Brochure Download)


Model No. 3450

Sizes 2″ through 12″

Set Pressure from 500 to 1720 mm W.G

Set Vacuum from  30  to 500 mm W.G

Easy Maintenance

Wide Range of Materials



GPE breather valve are designed to provide required relief to provide required relief to prevent tank failure that may cause by pressure changes to tank working criteria.

The spring-loaded design allows for higher pressure settings than the standard dead-weight loaded valve used in tanks with higher maximum allowable working pressure.

All valves must be carefully maintained by a qualified valve technician. They should only be assembled under clean conditions, preferably in a service shop environment.


Features and Benefits:

The Persian GPE 3450 series valves can be configured for pressure settings up to 1720 mm W.G

The Persian GPE 3450 series valves are spring-loaded on the Pressure side and dead-loaded on the vacuum side with forces proportional to the applied pressure on the pallet effective area. The setting design keeps the valve tightly sealed until the pressure or vacuum inside the tank approaches the related valve setting.

All Persian GPE 3450 series valves feature full formed flanges for easy installation.

Above Specification may vary upon customer requests.



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