Pressure & Vacuum Breather Valve - Weight Loaded Type



Pressure & Vacuum Breather Valve

Weight Loaded Type (Brochure Download)


Model No. 3400

Sizes 2″ through 12″

Set Pressure up to 500  mm W.G

Set Vacuum up to -20 to -300 mm W.G

Easy Maintenance

Wide Range of Materials



GPE breather valve are designed to provide required relief to prevent tank failure that may cause by pressure changes to tank working criteria.

With both pressure and vacuum relief functions combined in one unit only one branch per tank fitting is required. This breather valve is versatile and compact, solution providing and optimum combination of reliability, high flow capacity and low leakage, further it is suitable for a wide range of services in the Petroleum, Chemical and related industries.

All valves must be carefully maintained by a qualified valve technician. They should only be assembled under clean conditions, preferably in a service shop environment.

Features and Benefits:

The standard body and vacuum cover materials are aluminum and carbon steel.

All sizes have rust protected aluminum or stainless steel hood.

The standard seats and pallets are stainless steel with PTFE “Teflon” cushion seated diaphragm on each pallet, these diaphragms have a high resistance to ice or gum formation, thus and further the material is inert and unaffected by all chemicals requiring breather valve protection during storage.

Above Specification may vary upon customer requests.






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