Pressure Relief Valve (Rim Vent) -Spring Loaded Type

Pressure Relief Valve (Rim Vent)

Spring Loaded Type (Brochure Download)

Model No. 3020

Sizes 2″ through 18″

Set Pressure up to 1720 mm W.G

Easy Maintenance

Wide Range of Materials




The GPE pressure relief valve is designed to relive internal over pressure above working criteria.

The spring-loaded design allows for higher pressure settings than the standard dead-weight loaded valves used in tanks with higher maximum allowable working pressure.

Spring-loaded relief valve are available with flanged connection specifications.

The range setting pressure is from 500 to 1720 mm of water.

Features and Benefits:

The standard body and cover materials are aluminum and carbon steel.

All sizes have rust protected aluminum or stainless steel hoods.

The standard seats and pallets are stainless steel with PTFE “Teflon” cushion seated diaphragm on each pallet, these diaphragms have a high resistance to ice or gum formation.

Above Specification may vary upon customer  requests.


All valves must be carefully maintained by a qualified valve technician. They should only be assembled under clean conditions, preferably in a service shop environment.





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