Floating Foam Oil Suction(Skimmer)-Swivel Joint Type

Floating Foam/Oil Suction(Skimmer)

Swivel Joint Type (Brochure Download)


Model No. 1600

Unit Swivel Joint Type

Sizes 3″ through 10″

Single & Double Arms

Top, Center or Bottom Outlet

Fully Immersed Service

Easy Maintenance



The Main task of GPE Skimmers are accumulation and discharge of tank content top layer of fluid out from the tank.

GPE Skimmer units are being supplied with swivel joint and pipe work, floats are available in either aluminum or stainless steel upon customer request.

The suction unit safeguards the quality of product drawn off from the tank.


Feature and Benefits:

The units are designed to maintain the intake approximately 50-150 mm below the liquid surface and the intake is effectively baffled to avoid vortex formation.

The suction is fitted with a low level stop to prevent disturbance of any water or sediment in the tank bottom.

All the swivel joints have been designed for fully immersed service with two widely spaced raceways each with a full compliment of large diameter stainless steel balls.

The swivel seals are suitable for both vacuum and pressure service enabling, and the swivels are packed for life with grease that is fully compatible with aviation fuels.    

Foam Skimmer units are available in suitable configurations to pass through tank entrance manhole.




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