Roof Drainage System-Pivot Joint Type


Roof Drainage System

Pivot  Joint Type (Brochure Download)


Model No. 1020

Sizes 3 through 8

Straight-line design 

 Without O-rings, bearings

1 & 2 DOF Pivot Master Joint

Easy installation

Easy Maintenance



GPE Pivot Flexible Joint was innovatively to designed  provide an easy solution to floating roof drainage application.  It combines flexibility of oil resistance composite hoses with strength of stainless steel helical reinforcement.  The Pivot Flexible Joint is basically a steel pipe drain system with flexible Joints that withstand an extremely wide range of service conditions.

This System was designed for submerged service with no lubrication required, and there are no corrosion freeze-ups.  Pivot Flexible Joints are compatible with 100% aromatic products and can withstand high design pressures.


Features and Benefits:

The pivot flexible joint is designed with inner and outer stainless steel wire helixes to maintain not only hose shape but also the flexibility when subjected to internal or external pressures.

The flexible joint pivot-pin design uses stainless steel bushings and spacers to eliminate binding and exessive rotation. The reinforced side plates transfer the load around the flexible hose, eliminating stress on the hose end connections and minimizing the risk of hose end failure.

These side plates are available in carbon steel (Galvanized or Primer coated) and stainless steel materials, upon projects specification.

Pivot Flexible Joints are attached to Sch 40 carbon steel piping to provide a rigid, maintenance-free drainage system.


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