Roof Drainage System-Swivel Joint Type

Roof Drainage System

Swivel Joint Type (Brochure Download)

Model No: 1010

Size: 3 in through 8 in

Heavy Duty Swivel Joint

Fully Atriculated

Easy Maintenance

Wide Range Of Materials



The floating roof drainage systems have been designed by GPE to drain water from the top of external floating roof tanks without contamination by the stored product.    

The system is fully articulated and allowances have been built in to cater for all possible axial, lateral, and rocking motions within the confines of the tank shell, without causing heavy loads on any part of the system.

The weight of the assembly is carried on the underside of the roof about its own center of gravity. Thereby avoiding heavy offset loads. the arrangement of pipes and swivel joints allows the lowest possible ‘collapsed’ height of the floating roof. To facilitate assembly, the entire pipe work system from sump inlet to shell nozzle outlet is in the form of flanged pipe lengths.


Features and Benefits:

Our heavy duty swivel joints are fully sealed units specifically designed for submerged service in such as articulated pipe drainage systems for floating roof tanks.

Inside the joints, there are widely spaced precision raceways each carries a full compliment of large diameter hard chrome plated balls with a reservoir between them which enables the joint to be grease packed for ‘life’.






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