Secondary Weather Shield

Weather Shields Seal (Brochure Download)


·         Model No.: 5570

·         Rim Space: 200  ±100 mm

·         Available in Galvanized/Stainless Steel





The GPE Weather shield is a classic secondary barrier which was introduced to meet the most basic requirements of sealing system protection in different weather conditions.

The weather shield steel plates are manufactured according to GPE specially engineered strict specifications to maximize longevity in tough weather conditions.

The GPE weather are designed and sized to fit the specific tank and floating roof dimensions up to 110m.


Feature and Benefits:

·         Wide application range: Accommodates variety of rim spaces and in different tank sizes.

·         Stable Design to avoid any push back and separation from the shell even in case of maximum roof displacements.

·         Long life: Sliding parts in contact with the tank shell are wear resistant.




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