Primary & Secondary Seal Master

Primary and Secondary Mechanical Seal Master  (Brochure Download)


·         Model No.: 5560 (Primary) – 5590 (Secondary)

·         Rim Space:  200  ±100 mm

·         Available in Galvanized/Stainless Steel

·         GPE Bolt Gear® Assembly





The GPE Mechanical Seal Master is the ultimate solution for tanks sealing within the industry in global context. This model perfectly meets all possible specifications of tank sealing by bringing, innovation, technology, performance, flexibility and durability in one place. In a more practical wording, the GPE mechanical seal master adjusts to the irregularities of tanks by covering a wide working range (rim space) while remains extremely gas tight, with very low profile (allowing more working capacity) and virtually maintenance free long life.

The GPE Bolt Gear® assembly eliminates all hot works and allows for easier and safer installation and tank maintenance. The spring steel parts are manufactured according to GPE specially engineered strict specifications to maximize sealing pressure and longevity of the system. GPE tailor made UV resistant composite parts are durable in even the most aggressive services and corrosive products.

These unique specifications are the reasons why GPE mechanical seal master remains unsurpassed in function and performance in global context.

The GPE mechanical seal masters are designed and sized to fit the specific tank and floating roof dimensions up to 110m.


Feature and Benefits:

·         Wide application range: Accommodates variety of rim spaces and in different tank sizes.

·         Extremely gas tight to reduce the vapor loss from the tank to the minimum possible level.

·         Effectively dampens horizontal movement of the floating roof.

·         Even distribution of sealing pressure around the rim space to avoid any off centering of the floating roof.

·         Each seal tailored to the tank: Each tank has its own variations in roundness and verticality. To provide the most effective sealing, in GPE we use varying length parts for varying rim spaces within a given tank.

·         Very low profile will add effective working capacity to tank

·         Flawless operation and long life: Specially engineered materials to ensure a high tight seal and failure free life time performance. Sliding parts in contact with the tank shell are wear resistant.

·         Compatible with virtually all stored products.

·         Flame retardant composite materials.

·         GPE Bolt Gear® assembly that allows for quick, easy, safe installation and maintenance

·         Multi-layer wiper tip

·         Ultimate flexibility: perfectly conforms to local anomalies in shell roundness.

·         Excellent rain water shedding due to curvature of secondary sealing outer layer

·         Available with optional wax scrapper





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