Primary Liquid Filled Tube Seal

Primary Liquid Filled Tube Seal  (BrochureDownload)


·         Model No.: 5530

·         Rim Space: 200 ±100 mm



The GPE Liquid Filled Tube Seal is a classic primary sealing system which was introduced to meet sealing concept basic requirements. The high performance of this sealing system and its long history within the industry caused loyalty of industry to it which still works well.

The space between the shell and the roof is closed by GPE specific composite tube which is being filled preferly with the same product as tank content. The tube seal is being wrapped by scuff band envelope and maintained firmly down to the rim space by the hold down bars. The sealing pressure comes from the hydrostatic force of product filled flexible tube. The GPE tailor made UV resistant composite parts including scuff band and tube are durable in even the most aggressive services and corrosive products. The steel parts are manufactured according to GPE specially engineered strict specifications to maximize longevity of the system.

The GPE liquid filled tube seals are designed and sized to fit the specific tank and floating roof dimensions up to 110m and perform well in rim spaces ranging 200 ±100 mm.

This should be mentioned that due to roundness of the tank shell, accommodation of the tube and scuff band inside the rim space may cause appearance of some wrinkles on the surface of scuff band in some areas. These very tiny free spaces facilitate product vapor loss which should be taken into account in selection of sealing system.


Feature and Benefits:

·         Wide application range: Accommodates variety of rim spaces and in different tank sizes.

·         Even distribution of sealing pressure around the rim space to avoid any off centering of the floating roof.

·         Each seal tailored to the tank: Each tank has its own variations in roundness and verticality. To provide the most effective sealing, in GPE we use varying length parts for varying rim spaces within a given tank.

·         Excellent flexibility: Conforms well to local anomalies in shell roundness.

·         Flame retardant composite materials.





















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