Deluge Valve

Deluge Valve

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Model No. 4920

Sizes 3″ through 8″

Straight Style Design

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Low Pressure Losses at High Flow Rates

High Thermal Stability





Persian GPE deluge valves are quick opening hydraulically operated diaphragm valves known as a system control valve in a deluge system. They frequently used for fast application of water in a spray system.  Deluge valve protects areas such as power transformer installation, storage tank, convey or protection and other industrial application etc. With the addition of foaming agent they do protect aircraft hanger and inflammable liquid fire as well. Beside these, the Persian GPE Deluge Valves have been satisfactorily evaluated as a Foam Concentrate.

Control Valve for use with AFFF or ATC foam in fixed foam/water sprinkler systems.

These state of art models have three chambers, isolated from each other by the diaphragm operated clapper and seat seal. While in SET position, water pressure is transmitted through an external bypass check valve and restriction orifice from the system supply side to the top chamber, so that supply pressure in the top chamber acts across the diaphragm operated clapper which holds the seat against the inlet supply pressure because of the differential pressure design. On detection of fire, the top chamber is vented to atmosphere through the outlet port via opened actuation devices. The top chamber pressure cannot be replenished through the restricted inlet port, and the upward force of the supply pressure lifts the clapper allowing the water flow to the system piping network and alarm devices.


Features and Benefits:


Maximum Working Water Pressure – 12.5 bar

Vertical or Horizontal mounting

Valve differential: over 2:1 (priming chamber to inlet chamber)


Flange:ANSIB16.5#150                                                                                                              Optimized Flow Rate

Minimum Friction Loss

Minimum Thermal Loss

Finish: Upon customer request

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