Landing Gate Valve

Landing Gate Valve

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Model No.4930

Size 2½ in BS 336

Inlet, Flange Connection

Outlet, BS 336 Male or Female



The design and construction of the landing gate valves are strictly in accordance with BS5041: Part2:1987 and generally to BS5154:1991 standards.

The selection of materials for GPE landing gate valve is resistant, though and durable. This ensures the product long-life plus providing an efficient service in the time of need.

The valves metal to metal seating are precisely machined so as to provide the shut-off of the valve to have a water-tight sealing.

Every landing gate valves is hydrostatically tested to 22.5 bars for the valve seat and body respectively.

The internal casting finishes of every valve is of high quality ensuring a low flow restriction that meets the standard`s water flow test requirement.





 Features and Benefits:

-  Compact and elegant design with excellent flow characteristics.

-  High quality casting finishes.

-  Precise machining for metal to metal seating provides leak-proof.

-  Corrosion resistant and quality material used for durability, long-life and efficiency.

- Maintenance free.

 Different handle types are available upon customer request.





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